About Us

Our Vision

We create communities of excellence through caring.

Our Mission

Tutela is a community based non-profit organisation with a  group of autonomous organisations and programmes that render social prevention, provision and after care services to all people in material, social and spiritual need, irrespective of race, gender or religion.

Our Core Values






Our History

Tutela’s service delivery initially started in 1932 known as the “Armsorg Raad” (Poverty Council) of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC).  This was in the time of a big drought and major flu epidemic in South Africa.  Government had no Dept of Welfare or Social Development or any other means to address the growing poverty and decay of the population.  The “Armsorg Raad” by then had employed nurses, teachers, doctors and later social workers to assist in the fight against poverty.  In 1964 the Synodal Commission for Compassion (SKDB) was established to organize and co-ordinate the compassionate ministry and formal welfare services of the Church.  This Commission registered as a Welfare Organization with a fundraising number.

Since the late 1980’s and the beginning of 1990 services have been expanded and transformed to reach all people in need in all local communities, regardless of age, gender, culture, language or race.

In 1997 the Welfare Organization changed its name to NGBD and registered as a NPO in terms of the new Act (71 of 1997) and later as a PBO, to render services to all people in need of care. All the service delivery branches also registered as NPOs under the umbrella of the NGBD. With these changes the Organization adopted a diversified approach in its formal welfare services delivery.

In 2014 NGBD changed its name to Tutela.   At a Provincial level Tutela is responsible for promoting a specific organizational culture, ethos and structure.  With supervision at all levels of service delivery, Tutela Head Office is also responsible for the quality of service delivery within the Group.  The organizational culture makes provision for the rendering of services from a Christian perspective, background and principles, with respect to all cultures, religions and faith groups.  As a Faith Based Organization (FBO), the Organization continuously requires the involvement of church leaders in management structures.  These church leaders are volunteers and serve in different capacities within the group of service delivery organizations.

Tutela is a registered NPO:

NPO: 001-171 NPO

PBO 18A: RG/0046/0505

PBO Tax Exemption: 930006573

VAT: 4140113889